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  Course Focus Strategy

This course has been written in a sequence for a reason. The following day's lesson is not available until - 7pm Central the day before, 12a UTC on the day of - because it's important to focus on one lesson at a time. It is only the next day that you should start building upon what you've already practiced.

Below is some additional information on this course as it relates to your stage of self-love and where you should be focused while taking this course.


None! You should at least have the want to love yourself and the desire for bettering yourself.

Course Objectives

These are the most important tasks that you will accomplish in this course. They are listed in the order of how they should be completed, but there will be some overlap, as well.

  • Meditate daily (M)
  • Clearing the Clutter (T)
  • Permagrin (W)
  • Grounding - Walking in Nature (Th)
  • Minute Mindfulness (F)
  • Pay it Forward (Sa)
  • Healthy Eating & Exercise (S)
  • Cease Complaining (M)
  • Positive Self-talk (T)
  • Be Heard (W)
  • Ho-oponopono (Th)
  • Forgive Someone (F)
  • Serve Others (Sa)
  • Nurture Your Inner Child with Positive Affirmations (S)
  • Let Go and Let God (M)
  • Control it or Let it Go (T)
  • Hug Your Inner Child (W)
  • Vision Board, Part 1 (Th)
  • Vision Board, Part 2 (F)
  • Day 1 Video Self-talk and/or alternate option A (Sa)
  • Day 2 Video Self-talk and/or alternate option B (S)
  • Day 3 Video Self-talk and/or alternate option C (M)
  • Day 4 Video Self-talk and/or alternate option D (T)
  • Day 5 Video Self-talk and/or alternate option E (W)
  • Day 6 Video Self-talk and/or alternate option F (Th)
  • Day 7 Video Self-talk and/or alternate option G (F)
  • Do Something Fun! (Sa)
  • Visualize the Life You Want (S)
  • Stop Putting Off Your Passion (M)
  • Dance it Out (T)
  • Option A - Spend Time with a Loved One You Can be Real with and Laugh with (Sa)
  • Option B - There are No Mistakes (S)
  • Option C - Write Down 5+ Things You Like About Yourself (M)
  • Option D - Compliment Yourself (T)
  • Option E - Compliment Others (W)
  • Option F - Send Love Out to the World (Th)
  • Option G - Romance Yourself (F)

They are all discussed in great detail in this course with actionable steps to take each day.

Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest (and really only) mistake you can make at this stage is not following through. If you want to reach any level of success in anything you do, you must follow-through. Every. Single. Day. Not just with this but with everything you want for yourself.

I used to lack follow-through so I get it. Just don't let it happen to you. If I can overcome the lack, so can you! You gotta be proactive if you want to reach a better place.